Questionnaire for Education in America

From Jarrett Beeley the Director of the film.

"Myself, along with MonkeyRay Productions are currently working on a documentary about Education Reform in America. In an effort to reflect not only facts and figures found in books and documents, I wanted to get the views and opinions of as many people that are directly tied to education as possible. I would be grateful for any input that you can give. I would like this questionnaire to reach as many educators as possible, so any and all people that you feel would be interested in filling this out are welcome. Anonymity is assured, although I would like contact information in case I need to verify comments, as well as for seeing geographical differences in opinion"

--Anonymity of persons submitting questionnaires is assured. We will not divulge any sources unless a release contract is signed stating that you are willing to be interviewed on camera, or use your name and/or story on camera.

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